Jag är för närvarande verksam i Malmö men har mina rötter i Dalarna. 


I’ve always loved to work with my hands and with different materials, but especially clay has caught my interest. It’s comprehensive, complex and it constantly challenges you as a creator.


The ceramics are made in my studio, Studio Berg on Båstadsgatan 4 in Malmö, and you find selected items in the online store.

My logo - the family mark

Every item I create is marked with the same sign as my family has used for several hundreds years. Before the people were literate, a house mark functioned as a signature and was used on belongings, cattle and the family’s church bench. It feels natural to let my family’s house mark live on as a signature on my ceramics.


The family farm is from the 1600s and is one of the most beautiful places I know and above all else, it’s home.



The family farm is named Skräddaras which tells us that a tailor once lived there, and the area is called Bortom sjön - meaning Beyond the lake. Bortom sjön, with only a few farms, lies on the other side of the lake from the village where I grew up.


There have always been animals on the farm and there are still today. It’s surrounded by forest which also was an important resource. The meadows and the stream ran a mill and there’s two forges in the outskirts of the farm. To run such a farm, hard physical labour and skilled craftsmanship was required, but hardly left any space for any extra decorations. They kept things simple and functional.


The attitude to life you found at Bortom sjön has had an impact on me since I was a child. The most important thing is that things work well, are solid and made by hand, by yourself.


When creating ceramics I value functionality first and foremost. The items are supposed to be used every day. I hope you find them easy to use and beautiful to look at. I am driven by the will to combine function and form, in natural and simple materials without any extra "curlicues".